1. If you or someone you love – or both – are suffering from the debilitating effects of addiction, we can help.

  2. If you’ve tried everything under the sun to free yourself or someone you
    love from a chemical dependency, and have failed
    each time, we can help.

  3. If you feel desperate, helpless or lost and
    don’t know what to try next, we can help.

Alcoholsim, Drug Addiction, Gambling, Other Addictions

We at Casolaro & Smith address the greater issue of alcoholism and other addictions by treating the entire family, not just the addict.We help the larger circle of people involved in the web of alcoholism and codependency to break the vicious cycle of addiction – together. We guide the family toward a fundamental change in their understanding, attitude and actions. This 180-degree shift in focus then helps the family not only to survive the devastating effects of addiction and other self-destructive behavior patterns, but also to recover and flourish, even if the addict refuses treatment.

We help by inviting the affected parties together and deliberately and compassionately confronting the deadly disease of addiction. We help by facilitating a process whereby you first identify and then break down the walls of denial. We help by supporting you and your family through the process of reclaiming your lives so that you can avoid the detrimental consequences that would inevitably occur without help.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, we at Casolaro & Smith know first hand that if the family dynamic changes there will be some degree of transformation in the addict. So our #1 goal here at Casolaro & Smith is to help the whole family to change, not just get the addict into treatment.

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